Mewa is exhibiting for the first time at Automechanika

Textile service company Mewa is exhibiting for the first time at Automechanika in Birmingham (June 6-8).

Mewa supplies reusable cleaning wipes and oil collection mats to the automotive industry, helping to keep workshops cleaner, more environmentally friendly, safer and more productive. Mewa offers the cloths and mats as part of a sustainable all-round service.

The cleaning cloths and mats from Mewa quickly absorb large quantities of liquids, oils and grease and clean surfaces thoroughly and quickly. Cloths can absorb up to 250% of their own weight, while the Multitex oil trap mat can absorb up to 3 litres of motor oil and other liquids. Compared to other types of cleaning cloths, such as disposable paper rolls, Mewa cloths clean up to 35% faster.

Mewa’s all-round service is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to disposable products and helps garages to make their supply chain more environmentally friendly. Mewa cloths can be washed and reused up to 50 times, meaning that significant amounts of industrial waste are avoided through customers’ use of the cloths and mats. In addition, a study by management consultancy ClimatePartner found that removing 1 kg of dirt uses around 40 times more water and up to 5 times more energy when comparing a single-use cloth to a Mewatex cotton cloth.

Mewa’s service also supports garages in complying with health and safety regulations. As recommended by the Health and Safety Officer, spills can be wiped up quickly if clean towels are always on hand to prevent slipping. Immediate mopping up of spills also helps reduce skin contact with potentially hazardous liquids. In addition, all cloths used to wipe up liquids such as oil and solvents may be classified as hazardous waste and as such must be stored safely before being disposed of by an approved hazardous waste disposal company. With Mewa’s delivery and pick-up service, workshops can be sure that soiled cloths are safely stored in the Mewa SaCon (safety container) until they are picked up. To learn more about Mewa and to see the cleaning wipes and mats in action, visit Stand 19, R90.

About Mewa

Mewa has been offering full-service company textiles since 1908, making it a pioneer in textile sharing. Mewa has 47 locations in Europe and is active in 21 countries. Here, customers benefit from the know-how of an international industry leader, because Mewa offers the same quality everywhere – regardless of whether it’s products, services or environmental standards. Around 5,700 employees look after around 190,000 customers from industry, trade, trade and gastronomy. In 2020, MEWA generated sales of 745 million euros, making it the leader in the textile management segment. The company has received several awards for its commitment to sustainability and responsible action, as well as for its brand management.

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