Fix Auto UK announces Able To partnership

Fix Auto UK is developing its apprenticeship programme after forming a new partnership with Able To (Support Services).

Established by Bob Linwood, Able To will now manage all apprenticeship needs of Fix Auto UK franchise partners.

Mark Hutchins, Head of Commercial for Fix Auto UK, said: “We have tested the waters with our apprentice scheme introduced two years ago and, we are delighted to say, it has been a resounding success with 19 candidates currently going through our system and a third intake being lined up. Our plans now are to accelerate it to ensure every franchise partner will be able to benefit from that infrastructure already in place.

“Able To’s proposition takes the recruitment onus off our franchise partners; they simply must make Able To aware they’re able to employ apprentices and Able To takes on the challenge of finding the right candidates and manages the entire process. The pre-employment process is a game changing addition as it ensures both the candidates and repairers make the right choice resulting in a committed working environment. Once employed, franchise partners and their apprentices can also benefit from a unique learning journey management programme and safeguarding support”

Linwood said: “While some repairers are fortunate when a proactive individual knocks on their doors asking for an apprenticeship, they are few and far between compared with the numbers required in our industry. It is our role to find perfect candidates for the network and once they have been employed, to ensure they have a positive journey through their apprenticeship. The support modules we provide are unique and we know that repairers don’t always have the time and energy to focus on the apprentices ever developing needs.”

He added: “For me, it’s all about education and the right approach which is where we come in. There are large numbers of opportunities that need presenting to the right candidates to enlighten and illustrate the great careers within the vehicle repair sector.”

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