GSF Car Parts Reports 30% Surge in Exhaust System Sales

The UK's leading car parts distributor, GSF Car Parts, has announced a record-breaking increase in the sales of automotive exhausts, with a year-to-date sales increase exceeding 30% compared to 2023.

In an era where the automotive exhaust market is perceived as declining, the leading automotive part distributor attributes this growth to the quality of its A2A brand – manufactured exclusively by a leading OEM/OES provider, which ensures top-quality and performance that parallels original equipment. Garages have embraced the A2A brand after growing tired of the common issues with inferior products, such as increased noise and fitment difficulties.

Exhaust systems, often challenging to store, handle, and transport, are seeing a revitalised interest among motor factors thanks to GSF Car Parts’ dedicated efforts.

Announcing sales increases over 30% year-to-date in 2024, the leading automotive parts distributor attributes its own A2A brand for the surge in sales, addressing the common issues garages face with inferior products.

Due to the high quality and performance of A2A, many garages have embraced the brand in large numbers after growing tired of the issues caused by cheap products, such as increased fitting times and customer complaints about excessive noise and rattles.

The GSF Car Parts A2A product range includes innovative fitting accessories and repair solutions, such as clamp sleeves, designed to alleviate the challenges of under-vehicle work. These additions offer a safer, quicker, and more efficient installation experience, saving valuable time for customers.

The success of the A2A brand is supported by detailed product testing and development, ensuring each component performs optimally and matches the OEM item in form, fit, and function.

Stuart Parry, GSF Car Parts Product Manager for Exhausts, says,
“Our commitment to providing high-standard, reliable products is evident in our sales figures and customer satisfaction. By enhancing our offerings and focusing on quality, we are not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and solidifying our position as a leader in the automotive parts industry.”

In addition to enhancing automotive parts, GSF Car Parts’ innovative approach extends to customer service, ensuring that motor factors and garages have access to a comprehensive suite of products and services. The company has also invested in staff training and increased delivery frequencies to enhance overall service quality.

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