K-Seal hits 10,000,000 milestone

A record 10,000,000 bottles of K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair were sold in June 2022 alone, with K-Seal founders Kalimex anticipating even greater sales on the horizon thanks to growing popularity in the U.S.

According to Kalimex MD Mike Schlup, this compares favourably with the product’s first month on the market in 2003, when just 24 bottles were sold: “When we launched K-Seal 19 years ago, we were confident we had a product that would become a hit with the trade and with motorists,. It’s simple, yet highly effective. You shake the bottle and pour it in the cooling system. It then works its magic, sealing small cracks in the radiator, block, and head gasket. Motor factors saw its merits quickly, but the professional motor mechanic took a while longer to convince. However, as word spread the trade came round and are now the biggest fans.”

He continued: “Of course, any product selling in big numbers will attract competitors and K-Seal was no exception, so we had to up our game with independent authentication of its ability to seal.

“In 2011 we approached Brighton University Engineering Division which has a first-class reputation for working in partnership with leading brands in the automotive industry. We identified an internationally recognised test standard as a benchmark against which to measure K-Seal’s performance and that of competitive products. The ‘ASTM D-3147 Standard Test Method for Testing Stop-Leak Additives for Engine Coolants’ describes the test equipment and test procedures for demonstrating that coolant stop leak products are not only effective but also safe to use. To cut a long story short the test data showed that K-Seal is capable of sealing 0.025in (0.635mm) diameter holes and 0.010in (0.254mm) wide by 0.5in (12.7mm) long slots satisfactorily in accordance with ASTM D3147 test method. Further testing demonstrated K-Seal sealed the leaks in test conditions 100% of the time. Another important part of the test standard is to prove that the stop leak product will not block the cooling system. It has to pass through a 0.85mm sieve without clogging or gumming the gaps. K-Seal passed with flying colours demonstrating it was safe to use with all types of water-cooled engine, and K-Seal remains the only product of its kind to have been independently university tested to this standard. With these results we established K-Seal as a leading player in the coolant leak repair market, successfully holding our own against global brands with much bigger marketing budgets.”

K-Seal is now sold worldwide, but it’s the USA that has proven to be the most successful: “We started out targeting the smaller independent stores in America and then came the big nationals including O’Reillys, CarQuest, Autozone, NAPA and Advance. Finally, Walmart followed suit and now over 20,000 locations in the USA stock K-Seal. It took several years but with patience, persistence and help from raving fans, we are now a major player in the coolant repair category in the USA.”

With fewer UK vehicles requiring coolant leak repair products, Kalimex is focusing promotion across the Middle East, Australasia and Africa.

“We continue with our strategy of promoting the measurable benefits of K-Seal set against the car parc in each country so that we tailor our message appropriately,” added Mike. “But in any language the proposition of K-Seal is what makes it sell – quite simply it’s the best, independently evaluated permanent coolant leak repair, with a trade trusted formula that has remained virtually unchanged since we launched it in 2003.”

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