OSRAM secures Auto Express awards commendation for Night Breaker 200

OSRAM’s Night Breaker 200 has received a commendation in the Headlamp Bulb category in Auto Express’ annual product awards.

The OSRAM Night Breaker 200 proved popular with its 150-metre-long beam and 200 percent more brightness and up to 20 percent whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard, providing outstanding visibility in all conditions.

The commendation at the annual product awards adds to the recommendation secured by the H4 twin-filament Night Breaker 200 in Auto Express’ annual bulb tests earlier in the year, where the high-end product secured recognition for being strongest in tests for spread of light with more than 30 lux.

“We’re delighted our Night Breaker 200 has received this accolade from Auto Express. Securing a commendation from one of the leading automotive consumer publications is a great endorsement for the quality delivered by OSRAM. Accolades like this really set the best products apart and offer peace of mind to motor factors, stockists and end users enabling informed buying choices for high-quality products,” said Terri Clark, lighting marketing manager at OSRAM.

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