Reduced Energy Bills by using Powerful IRT Infrared for Curing

At this time of very high energy costs, Bodyshop Solutions have an excellent, well proven solution to “Significantly Reduce your Energy Bills”, by using IRT short-wave infrared, wherever possible, in your curing processes.

Particularly when you are carrying out 1 to 2 panel repairs (up to about 2.2 wide and 1.5m high) and want to cure Clearcoats, Bodyshop Solutions would recommend using their Powerful IRT 4-2 PcAuto infrared – which provides a high 12kW of output power and uses computer programmes, a pyrometer and distance sensor, to ensure that you get fast and perfect results every time!! – no matter whether silver or black colour. It will also be very fast on Fillers and Primers.

IRT 4-2 PcAuto Infrared Mobile

This IRT equipment is not just like the normal 3kW infrared lamp with a timer that most body shops will have – but, instead, it is world leading and is used by all the major car manufacturing plants in the UK for their fast refinishing of new cars. This equipment is built to last, including infrared bulbs that have a life of up to 20,000 hours.

The great thing about using this IRT Infrared 4-2 PcAuto at the current time, is that it is very energy efficient and only uses up to about 1kW of electricity to cure Clearcoat, which only amounts to about 60 pence per curing cycle. This compares with up to about £40 per Bake Oven cycle! Therefore, even for a smaller body shop, by using IRT Infrared for these 1 to 2 panel repair jobs then this will amount to a very significant and worthwhile annual energy cost saving.

If you wish to spread the purchase costs, then this IRT Infrared Equipment can be leased over a 3 or 5 years term. Using Infrared will often mean be a change in process for body shops, who would normally just use a bake oven, but it is certainly worth making the change to using this powerful IRT Infrared, wherever possible, to achieve these really worthwhile savings.

Instead of using a Mobile unit, IRT Infrared can also be put onto an easy glide Rail System, retrofitted in a spraybooth/oven, to make it very fast and easy to use without cables hanging down. In addition, it can also be sold as a Combi IR/UVA unit, to give you the flexibility to also quickly dry UV primer and UV clearcoat as well – by having 4kW of UVA power in addition to 12kW of Infrared output power.

Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, commented: “We have already had a number of body shops see the benefit of using IRT Infrared and also the Combi IR/UVA for their 1 to 2 panel jobs, to really help them reduce their energy bills at this very expensive time”.

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