The DCR Pro increases body shop turnover whilst saving time

The DCR Pro Diamond cutting alloy wheel lathe is a multi solution answer to the refurbishment of alloys wheels for every body shop or work shop.

The DCR Pro can be well placed in any workshop with its small foot print as well in the back of a van for the ability to bring Diamond Cut alloy refurbishment to the customer.

With its easy to use interface and only the need for two days training the DCR Pro can be a fast earning machine to any business.

In the current climate with a lot of garages finding a shortfall in staff the DCR Pro is so easy to use, we often hear of members of staff in bodyshops transitioning from other areas to become the alloy wheel tech. In the last few years there has been a transition of painters going into alloy wheel refurbishment who have had no cutting experience.

The touchscreen interface used on the DCR Pro is as simple as a mobile phone, meaning that nearly every tech within two days are able to know the basics of cutting alloy wheels.

The DCR Pro laser profiling allows for very fast scan to cut speed, this along with the “tyre on tech” the average wheel cut through the DCR Pro is 5-10mins faster than by hand PER WHEEL. A competent DCR Pro technician is doing between 8-12 wheels per day in a normal 8 hour shift.

The speed of the DCR Pro not only benefits the business but the customer is having less car down time and the key to key is quicker. Increasing both your customer service and satisfaction and leading to repeat custom.

We are able to offer the DCR Props as a number of solutions to alloy wheel refurbishment problems.

Stand Alone – With its small foot print and low noise output the DCR Pro is a great addition to any work shop or body

Wheel Centre – We are able to supply the DCR Pro in our complete compact Wheel Centre which includes, our H2O Blaster, Tyre bead breaker, prep station, tool station and 4 wheel spray booth. – all in a compact centre that can be landed in only 4 standard parking bays.

Mobile – The DCR Pro was the first in the world diamond cutting alloy wheel lathe that was designed with going in the back of a van in mind. With over 6 years experience of installing these into vans we know what makes a mobile cutting machine work. Giving the opportunity to take Diamond cutting wheels and wheel refurbishment to the customers work or home.

All our machines come with 2 days training and the DCR Pro will increase the speed of your wheel refurbishments as well as saving you time and making you more money For more information visit our website at or email and mention Auto Scene.

Take a look at the DCR Pro in action here :-

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