HELLA highlights 289 parts for Ford Fiesta

HELLA has named the ever-popular Ford Fiesta as its vehicle of the month, highlighting the 289 part numbers HELLA offers for the vehicle across its lighting, electronics, filtration and rotating electrics ranges, up to and including the fuel tank cap.

HELLA’s vehicle of the month promotion puts the spotlight on a particular car, showing the depth and breadth of HELLA’s parts offering. It can be accessed by visiting the free HELLA TECH WORLD portal.
HELLA’s range of Fiesta parts includes headlights and rear lights, ignition coils, various sensors, starter motors, alternators, filters, exhaust system parts and much more.

“Many garages will see Ford Fiestas in the workshop on a regular basis,” said Helen Goldingay, UK Marketing and Communications Manager at HELLA. “Technicians want to know there is an extensive portfolio of HELLA parts available to support them on a wide range of vehicles, with popular models the likely priority.”

HELLA’s Fiesta range includes parts for older types, as well as the most recent models. “For newer vehicles,” said Helen, “garages often feel they have no other option than to take on the added expense and hassle of obtaining parts from franchised dealers. HELLA’s vehicle of the month highlights that we can supply garages with their needs directly into the aftermarket.”

The Ford Fiesta has been one of the most popular cars in the UK since launching in 1976, taking in seven generations. While production came to an end in 2023, across its 47-year lifespan the Fiesta was a common sight on UK roads, and on the ramp in garages. With the Fiesta being the top-selling new car in the UK every year between 2009 and 2020, it will remain a mainstay in garages for years to come. In 2022, there were still 1.5 million Fiestas licensed for use on UK roads.

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