Is This A Convertible opportunity?

Garages in the North of England may be best placed to exploit the UK’s ongoing love affair with convertibles, new research has shown, with Mercedes-Benz convertibles identified as being most popular with British drivers, closely followed by cars from BMW, Audi, and Porsche.

After identified the UK as the convertible capital of Europe in 2021 with more convertible sales than France, Spain or Italy, garages may have been wondering if this is a market worth exploring here. Nationwide sales data from Anglo Scottish Asset Finance indicates that Mercedes-Benz convertibles account for 21.2% of all their convertible sales. The next most popular examples were from BMW, which made up 18.9% of convertibles sales made via Anglo Scottish. They were followed by Audi on 11% of sales, and then Porsche on 8.1%. The first non-German carmaker, Bentley, is fifth, making up 5% of the total data.

Audi took third place on the list, with their convertibles accounting for 11.05% of sales, followed by Porsche with 8.13%. The first non-German car maker, Bentley, appears at fifth in the list, with their sales constituting 5.08% of the total data.

Buyers in County Durham and Tyne and Wear bought 17.6% of all convertibles. In fact, the top five areas for convertible sales, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Lancashire, Cleveland and Yorkshire, were all based north of Birmingham.

This is despite that fact that if you take hours of sunlight per year as an indicator, Chichester in West Sussex would statistically be the best place to own a rag-top.

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