iVendi’s new “WebShop” technology launched to BDK dealers in Germany

iVendi’s new “WebShop” technology has been launched to German dealers that use Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe GmbH (BDK) as their motor finance partner.

he WebShop concept delivers a complete off-the-shelf motor retail e-commerce solution that can be easily integrated into almost any dealer web site, incorporating their processes and featuring their branding.

It features a comprehensive range of technology from iVendi’s Connected Retailing platform that provides a complete online and in-showroom customer journey from first vehicle search through to final sale.

iVendi first began working with BDK, a Société Générale subsidiary, in 2019 when the bank launched the JuhuAuto online marketplace. The platform, which has since become a well-recognised player in a competitive market, is based on iVendi’s technology.

Martin Guse, CEO at BDK, said: “JuhuAuto is a key pillar in our strategy to support our dealer partners with highly effective digital solutions, providing them with an attractive, low-cost sales channel focused on generating leads while at the same time delivering an exceptional user experience for car buyers.

“Now, with the adoption of the iVendi WebShop concept, we are taking another step forward. The technology it delivers is, we believe, the best available when it comes to creating a customer journey that meets the needs of car buyers in the 2020s.

“Crucially, it works just as well for dealers and consumers whether they choose to buy online or in the showroom, or to switch between the two channels. This kind of hybrid sales journey reflects how the vast majority of car buyers behave in the real world and WebShops enable them to construct their own preferred path.”

James Tew, CEO at iVendi, added: “Partnering with BDK was the first major overseas deal signed by iVendi and we are very pleased to be working with the company on this major enhancement to the original JuhuAuto project.

“The WebShop technology we are delivering includes a number of major innovations, from our stock search that allows users to look for cars using everyday phrases through to the Digital Deal, which means dealers can construct a complete proposition and send it to a customer within a matter of moments.

“This technology is being made available across BDK’s dealers and we’re looking forward to seeing the results it helps deliver for the company and its partners.”

James said that the Connected Retailing solution had proven itself to be a significant success in the UK and, working with BDK, iVendi was excited about how adoption of motor retail e-commerce could be accelerated within the German market.

“BDK have been very forward thinking in their adoption of this technology and we are looking forward to working hard alongside them in order to encourage widespread take-up of WebShops across their dealer network.

“The WebShop concept, which allows very easy adoption of industry-leading motor retail technology across large numbers of dealers, is helping to open doors for us and we expect it to play a major part in our expansion across Europe, not just in Germany.”

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