Neil Henderson returns to Stoke Audi

Swansway Motor Group is delighted to announce the return of Neil Henderson to the company in the role of Used Car Sales Manager at Stoke Audi.

Neil, who initially undertook the role of Used Car Sales Manager and Group Buyer at Preston Audi when Swansway acquired the dealership in 2016, returns following stints as Head of Business at another Audi dealership as well as 14 months with BMW bikes.

Looking back, Neil describes the brief period working with bikes as a “mad moment”, citing that he is a car man and not a bike man. The bike industries loss is Swansway’s gain. Neil returns to the group with over 20 years of experience working with Audi and a strong relationship with both Stoke Audi Head of Business, Neil Rimmer, as well as the Swansway Directors.

The wealth of experience which Neil has amassed is something he hopes to impart onto the younger team members around Stoke Audi, who he describes as a “a great bunch of guys who can have a laugh while working but get a lot done.” In addition to his 20 years’ experience, Neil brings 20 years’ worth of trusting customers, many of whom share his passion for the Audi brand. This Audi knowhow is just one of several reasons why Neil Rimmer approached his namesake with the hopes of bringing him back to Swansway.

When asked how it felt to be back, Neil told us:

“It’s been class so far; I’m looking forward to supporting Neil again. We’ve had a good first month and long may it continue.”

It seems Neil’s wish will be granted, as September will mark Stoke Audi’s VIP event, which is sure to showcase Audi’s best products, inviting in some of Audi’s most loyal customers.

Ben Gilbert, Stoke Audi Brand Director spoke highly of Neil upon his return:

“It’s brilliant that someone with Neil’s experience and ability can be a part of our team, helping what is a young team really get the best out of themselves. Neil’s already made a big influence here and I can’t wait to see what else he brings.”

Swansway Motor Group would like to welcome Neil back to the business and wish him the best of luck going forwards.

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