NGK SPARK PLUG to change name to NITERRA

NGK SPARK PLUG is changing its English language company name to Niterra, with the change kicking in on 1 April 2023.

While Niterra will become the Group’s overall name, the NGK and NTK brands will continue to exist for the company’s businesses.

The rebrand was unveiled following the company’s 122nd Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders on 24 June, and has been undertaken to reflect the fact that the company’s activities have already widened beyond the internal combustion engine, including its production of sensors and technical ceramics, and will continue to do so as part of its overall strategy.

NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd Managing Director Marko Wowczyna said: “‘Niterra’ is a key milestone in the transformation which we are undergoing. In the coming generations, it will be necessary to think even more about sustainability and what is good for the Earth. With our new name, we have taken one more step on our journey to become a company that not only is successful, but also provides new value to the world.”

To create the new name ‘Niterra’, the Latin words ‘niteo’ meaning ‘shine’ and ‘terra/earth’ were combined.

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