Q&A with BookAMovement

BookAMovement is a single point of access to your chosen vehicle delivery companies. Managing your bookings is made extra easy, linking service suppliers and clients within the innovative vehicle logistics system.

Tell us about your business offering and your target customers.

We offer a vehicle logistics portal that allows you to control all of your logistics requirements under one roof. Book it, manage it, control it, It’s that simple.

The system really can help anyone needing a vehicle moved from someone looking to move one vehicle to a company looking to move 100,000. Book A Movement has you covered. However, it has been specifically catered to the dealer group customer. It has additional functionality when compared to other similar systems, such as collection request authorisation, Check-Able driver ID checking integration and a simple charge structure – Only pay for what you list, no minimum listings or monthly fees.

Tell me about your background and how long you have been at Book a Movement?

I have been in the industry now for 8 years, predominantly in the Inspection & collection sector. Having been in a position whereby I had my own drivers, and I was subcontracting work out, it made a great fit for me to join BAM as I have been on both sides of the fence. It has given me the ability to understand what both suppliers and clients alike both need from the solution that we are offering.

Why was this portal set up and how will it benefit the industry?

The portal has been designed to take stress out of moving vehicles. Having been in a previous position of moving a large number of vehicles each week I know how tough it can be. The system will benefit the industry by not allowing it to become about getting the work done for as cheap as possible, it needs to be fair rates for fair work.

What differentiates you from others in the space?

Functality,pricing and cost. We have many great features that are already making life easier for companies as we speak. Latest of which being our App which just launched which allows collection sites to confirm vehicles on site before arrival, drastically reducing aborts.

As a client you set the rates that you want, and that is exactly what the supplier see’s and gets paid. There are no hidden costs, monthly subscription fees or management fees. You pay a simple low fixed cost to list a movement.

How are you navigating the current economic climate in 2022? What challenges have you faced so far?

Perception of portal solutions can be a hard thing to change, there is a lot of bad press and stigma about how they work, we will change this step by step. It can be a challenge at times to break the ‘that’s how we have always done it’ mind set and move people over to a more tech friendly solution.

Sadly there were a number of Trade Plate companies who have not survived the recent economic struggles, hopefully next year with growth anticipated more will reappear once again.

Can you talk me through how to “book a movement” on your platform?

Making a booking couldn’t be simpler. Log on to your account, select the type of movement, for example inter-dealer, or customer delivery, enter the registration number, select the collection and delivery addresses from the dropdown**, add any notes you require for the agent and add any additions to the job you require. You will be instantly provided with the price of the movement from your pre-agreed rates and the Book-a-Movement fee. Click accept and that is it, your movement is listed.

How many dealers are currently using the platform and how many do you expect to gain over the course of the next year?

We currently have over 20 active clients and growing constantly. The portal isn’t just designed for dealer groups, it can support anyone who wants to move vehicles, Lease companies, Auction house, finance companies. Anyone who needs a vehicle moving can benefit from the system

Honestly as many as we can, the system has been designed so that scaling up is effortless like making a booking.

How has the demand for transportation changed over the last 2 years with the new car shortage?

There is no question that volumes within the market are lower than normal, making it a very competitive market place. The other change is the way in which the automotive industry handles consumer deliveries. With other industries able to provide accurate time slots, tracking, and drop numbers with companies like Uber, Just eats and other delivery services leading the way, I can only see it as a matter of time before the automotive industry heads this way.

Do you have any advice for dealers who are currently struggling for stock?

Look further afield – We have already seen one of our customers cast their own net much wider than before they used the system. Cost and finding a logistics partner were always seen as a stumbling block. But now they have registered, they purchase vehicles from all over the UK and have found it much easier to obtain their stock.

How long have you been involved with the IMDA and what were your reasons for becoming a partner?

The opportunity to work with the IMDA was not one to be missed. They are a great organisation which are empowering independent dealerships through promotion, voice and buying power. We began our partnership with the IMDA earlier this year and are looking forward to a long standing partnership.

After a difficult couple of years for the industry, how is 2023 shaping up and is there anything we should look out for?

It’s been a tough few years all around in the automotive industry, there has been so much uncertainty within the markets with so many external factors having a massive impact. Eyes will be on the rising fuel prices, energy crisis and the new car shortage. I think that we are in for a challenging Q1 with hope that things begin to recover slowly in Q2.

What can we expect in the future from Book A Movement.

We will continue to listen to our suppliers, current clients and potential clients as we further develop our system. We have lots of new and exciting features in the pipeline some of which are already being worked on.

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