Swansway Motor Group Aftersales Director Celebrates 5 Years with the Company

Matt first arrived at Swansway in a move that took his career full circle. Having started in the automotive industry as a 16-year-old Apprentice at a family-run motor dealership in Nottingham, Matt was excited by the opportunity to return to a family-run business. Having previously worked in every corner of England except for the North-West, Swansway allowed Matt to explore a new territory.

Drawn to Swansway for several reasons, Matt was excited to work with the Volkswagen-Audi partnership for the first time, whilst extending his already extensive knowledge of the brands he would be working with. Matt was also impressed by the family values which Swansway are well known for.

The requirement to make decisions quickly is something Matt regards as one of the most enjoyable elements of his job. He credits the interconnectivity of the management teams, Directors, and Chairman as very beneficial to the process of making and executing these decisions.
“The communication level is really strong, there is no disconnect between the tiers of the business which allows action to be taken quickly and effectively.”

Since Matt arrived at Swansway, the strong communication which occurs between the senior team has been mirrored throughout the aftersales division. The support systems in place have enabled Matt and the team to shape the retail vision, customer journey and retention in greater detail.

The development of team members is key for Matt who visibly exerts pride when discussing the achievements of people throughout the business.

“One thing that makes me most proud is looking at people who were Apprentices or just beginning their careers when I started, are now working in roles further up the business and developing themselves at Swansway. One of the things I love most is Swansway’s quality support functions which strategically develop both the business and the people. I love seeing people achieving great things, whether that’s progressing through the business or smashing aftersales targets.”

Matt’s journey from Apprentice right through to his role as Aftersales Director has instilled within him a passion for self-development which he loves to see replicated by Swansway employees.

Matt recognises the loyalty people show to Swansway and the pride they have in their roles, something he believes stems from the way the business integrates everyone into the family and how everyone operates according to the company values.

Swansway Motor Group would like to congratulate Matt on his 5-year anniversary.

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