This is FOW – That New Car Feeling, it’s Epic

FOW Car Supermarket have launched their all-new website – easier, faster and better than ever. Designed around the user journey, their approach is for simplicity and ease of use with a mobile centric design to ensure car buying is easy on the fly.

With over 60 years of experience, FOW is perfectly placed to draw inspiration from its origins and maintain high standards of service throughout the customer experience. This beautiful website was co-developed alongside Nexus Point in Winsford over a 12 month period with product development and testing scheduled prior to website launch. Having a highly skilled team available from initial conversation provided all the feedback and support needed to create bespoke, engaging content for the website launch.

Powering our website solution is Nexus Point’s very own Apex software. Utilising the CRM, CMS and DMS is hugely powerful for FOW, they can measure product and campaign success, lead management and listings attribution – each being hugely important to the business objectives. The KPI solution is fantastic for both the marketing and sales departments to understand product and individual performance across a tailored period. Unlike other tried and tested solutions, Apex software is all encompassing with all business tools accessible in one place with a mobile friendly layout. Content can be created on the go with both the website and buying journey accessible at any one time – having this flexibility is important for FOW.

Speaking of the buying journey – FOW have implemented one of the easiest and most enjoyable car buying experiences to date. Alongside the launch of their new website, FOW have introduced an industry leading free 48 hour reservation option – available for all customers online and over the phone. This solution provides the flexibility for users to buy online or instore whilst reviewing payment and product options. FOW recognise the importance of a seamless online journey and are delighted to introduce this solution for its wide customer base.

Jade Walton, Group Marketing Manager at FOW says “Our new online deal builder realises huge potential for FOW. Matching user expectations with a simplified online and instore experience provides scope for targeted campaigns on a national scale”

Their online deal builder is carefully designed to support an easy and enjoyable online journey. By default the vehicle is reserved automatically allowing the user to perform a FREE credit check online and apply for finance before leaving a deposit. Phase 2 of the website will include tailored warranty, Autoglym Lifeshine and GAP Insurance products specific to that model alongside a customer centric home delivery service and straight forward pricing model. Handover experts provide a personalised service with each delivery to further enhance the customer experience.

Finance availability is at the core of their website with bespoke calculators and mobile friendly sliders placed strategically throughout. Using Apex CMS software allows FOW to build out components for a tailored and uniform user experience. The team at FOW have created high quality product pages to inspire confidence and be a source of information for users at the research and purchase stages. A great example is FOW’s EV centric page dedicated to everything EV and plug-in hybrid. Alongside featured vehicles are a dedicated EV wall charging solution, tailored FAQ section using popular Google search result terms and EV ‘needs to knows’.

Ben Mills, Digital Marketing Specialist at FOW says “Leveraging our knowledge for an optimal user experience is hugely important. Buying a new car is one of the biggest purchases we make and at FOW we want to make that as easy and enjoyable as possible”

To further support their online experience, FOW have redefined their vehicle search with intelligent free-type search functionality. Users can specify key criteria to tailor their search and have only the most relevant vehicles displayed at any one time. Designing clickable call to actions throughout the vehicle search results pages in the form of ‘sales card’s enhances their customer experience further. Relevant USP’s and services are displayed alongside additional products, each with landing pages and high quality content designed and created by the highly skilled team at FOW.

Katie Drury, Marketing Assistant at FOW says “Content creation is an exciting part of what we do. Working alongside the wider team, we’re able to create some of the UK’s most engaging content for the ultimate user experience”

Nexus Point have been pivotal towards FOW’s goals and ambitions. The creative and highly skilled team have introduced the ultimate used car shopping experience. Multiple launch phases over the coming weeks and months ensure FOW are best placed to help secure the car of your dreams – that’s a Win-Win.

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