Uncertainty thwarts car buying process

a man buys a second hand BMW

A third (33%) of young drivers do not feel confident asking dealers questions about a car they are considering buying according to new research from AA Cars.

It asked more than 14,000 drivers how they felt about asking questions when they view a vehicle they intend to buy and 13% of people said they did not feel confident about asking questions, but this rises to 33% among drivers aged 18-24, and to almost a quarter (24%) of 24-34 year olds.

For those who do not feel confident about asking questions when visiting a dealership, the most common reason is they do not know what to ask.

In total, 29% worry about asking the wrong questions, while 29% fear looking foolish.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, said: “Experience equals confidence when it comes to buying a car, with our research finding that younger drivers are the most uncomfortable with asking questions. This fear means that some drivers will leave the forecourt with doubts and concerns, and perhaps without buying the car they were considering.

“The lack of confidence some drivers have in asking questions underlines why it is so valuable for dealers to provide as much information about their vehicles as possible, both online and around the forecourt.

“Vehicle inspections offer drivers valuable peace of mind about the car they are buying, as it provides a full picture of its condition, how safe it is to drive and whether there are likely to be any expensive repairs soon.

“Previous AA Cars research found that more than 70% of drivers would make a purchasing decision more quickly knowing that a car had been independently inspected, and so dealers offering this service hold a distinct advantage over their competitors.

“This is even more useful in the current economic climate, with people very concerned about an unexpected repair bill adding to their financial pressures. Providing detailed technical information about a car, including its history, in a way that is easy to access could also help those who feel uncomfortable asking questions and could even help get a sale over the line.”

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