Direct Line install an electric vehicle charger in remote Highlands location

IN light of new research, Direct Line will install an electric vehicle charging point at the remote Wester Ross Aultguish Inn.

Its research shows that 34 per cent of electric vehicle owners say they would go on more UK staycations if they had more confidence in the availability of charging points.

The Inn is miles from another petrol station and charger.

Dragos Floria, owner of Aultguish Inn said: “We often find our guests asking for the whereabouts of the nearest charging point during their stay because they’re worried about running out of battery.

“That’s why we’re absolutely delighted that Direct Line got in touch with us to install a wilderness charging point. We hope it will encourage even more guests to explore the idyllic Scottish Highlands.

“The Inn has provided a stopping post for all travellers on the road from Inverness to the north west of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides for hundreds of years. With an EV charger we will be all set to let the next generation of travellers explore the wonders of Scotland.”

The charger at the remote Aultguish Inn.The charger at the remote Aultguish Inn.
Ian Exworth, head of Direct Line Electric Vehicle Insurance added: “Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, but people still have concerns over accessing the whole of the UK.

“It is our job to help reassure people that they do not have to be anxious about driving electric, even to incredibly remote locations. We want to help bust myths and give people peace of mind on the roads this summer. It’s time to make electric easy for all drivers to have and understand.”

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