Carbase introduces RAC cosmetic products

Carbase says increased demand for cosmetic protection from car buyers has inspired the introduction of two new RAC-branded products.

RAC Scratch and Dent, and RAC Tyre and Alloy Wheel insurance are being offered to all customers of the South West-based car supermarket. Cover is available for periods from one to four years, with a maximum of five claims per 12 month period.

Steve Winter, founder at Carbase, said: “Our experience is that customers are more and more interested in this type of product, keeping their vehicle in the best possible condition and protecting themselves against unplanned tyre expenditure.

“This is probably a result of rising vehicle prices meaning that many buyers are choosing older cars and vans than previously but still wanting to ensure that their vehicles look highly presentable, alongside a cost of living-related desire to remove unexpected elements from their motoring costs.

“These two RAC products answer those needs. They offer a high level of protection, an excellent customer experience and superb value. We are sure that the level of take-up will be strong.”

Sean Kent, Director, Automotive Europe at Assurant, which partners with the RAC in the aftersales space, explained that the company had recently revised its cosmetic product offering.

“Towards the end of 2023, we changed the way we fulfil our cosmetic product range. Assurant has taken all insurance and claims processing elements in-house while a single partner, Revive, has been chosen to carry out all repairs nationwide. The result is a slicker, faster customer journey.

“We’re seeing renewed interest from many of our dealer partners in cosmetic protection as a result. Carbase is the first to sign since we made the change and we anticipate many more signings. It’s an option that provides dealers with a useful new revenue stream while also answering a very real customer need.

“As with all our aftersales products, we offer a highly proactive approach, working with dealers to ensure that protection of this kind is marketed, sold and processed as effectively as possible.”

Carbase and Assurant have worked together since 2013, when the car supermarket became an RAC Approved Dealer, gradually adopting a wider range of branded products over time and adding the Vanbase light commercial vehicle supermarket in 2019.

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