Certas Energy Lubricants assembles new UK Technical Advisory Group

Stopping out-of-spec oils being used: Certas Energy Lubricants assembles new UK Technical Advisory Group to tackle industry challenges.

It’s estimated that at any one time, around eight in ten independent garages will be using out-of-
spec lubricants. This results in motorists suffering from lower performance and more breakdowns,
lower efficiency and more vehicle emissions.

This issue isn’t just a challenge for the automotive industry. The wrong lubricants are often found to
be used in turbines and gear oils in industrial, manufacturing, and marine sectors.

Certas have assembled a new UK Technical Advisory Group that brings together a team from across
various business units to tackle industry challenges such as out-of-spec lubricant use.

“Certas are the largest lubricants distributor in the UK, and our team talk to hundreds of businesses
every day. To tackle the complex challenges faced by the lubricants industry, we need to share
knowledge across the business. The new Technical Advisory Group will provide a formal opportunity
for sharing best practices and ideas from all business units.” said Jenni McGrath, Regional Sales
Manager for Marine and Offshore and is also one of the eight members of the Technical Advisory

The Technical Advisory Group will meet once a month to discuss topical subjects and be a driving
force to implement innovation. The main topic on the team’s agenda is end-user and reseller
education on the importance of correct lubricant application.

“Education for lubricant resellers and end-users is essential. Incorrect application costs businesses
huge sums in breakdowns and poorer performance. Being part of this Technical Advisory Committee
will help us to share ideas, best practices and implement new initiatives to help drive the industry
forward. There desperately needs to be more understanding on how to match the right lubricant for
the specification,” said Anthony Conboy, Business Account Manager who has over 20 years of
experience in the lubricants industry.

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