EEC Offers Aftermarket Training in support of customers

Stuart Still (EEC’s Technical trainer) has successfully carried out an intensive 2-day training program held in support of a large distributor of EEC products.

This took place at the head office of one of their largest garages networks, with the aim of dispelling the notion that aftermarket emission products are substandard in comparison with OE products. A debate often fought by aftermarket parts and component manufacturers.

8 sessions were held across two days, with 31 employees in attendance in total. The candidates represented each of the customer’s 17 locations with some travelling a fair distance to attend. The sessions were well received, and it was very clear that both the customer and EEC’s distributor were very much appreciative of the support given. A handful of candidates were eager to delve into a technical depth which was too great for the allocated time so a further workshop session may follow at a later date!

Each candidate left with a training certificate valid for 2 years which ensures they have the capability
to identify some of the common misconceptions around aftermarket products as well as a better
understanding of the importance of the role of Catalytic converters, DPFs and the exhaust system.
EEC’s training program consists of;
– The importance of the exhaust system
– How a catalytic converter works
– Fault finding using a 4-gas analyser
– Introduction to DPF’s
– Fault finding and regenerating a DPF
– Type approval

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