Glen Callum Associates’ ‘Aftermarket Talent Club’ offers discretion when job searching

In a commitment to retain top talent in the industry, Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has introduced an exclusive initiative, the ‘Aftermarket Talent Club’, designed to assist senior-level professionals uncover new and next-level career opportunities without compromise of identity.

GCA recognises that senior executives often aren’t able to promote their availability freely to the open market, and therefore finding their next challenge, promotion or career advancement opportunity can be arduous and time consuming.

This additional service from GCA is designed to help senior executives progress within the automotive aftermarket and thus preventing key staff from moving into other sectors.

The initiative will focus on experienced aftermarket professionals with annual earnings in the region of £70k and upwards in Senior Executive and Directorship posts.

Glen Shepherd, director at Glen Callum Associates, said: “Over the last 23 years we have amassed a senior executive network of aftermarket professionals that span the globe. This has resulted in our recruiters being approached at ‘executive level’ to scout for aftermarket career opportunities. At present, due to progressive and passive candidate trends, we’re also seeing businesses more open than ever to creating opportunities for great talent.

“As an aftermarket professional this will open up senior executive opportunities, and as an aftermarket hiring business this initiative will give you access to senior executive talent currently unavailable on the open market.”

The GCA recruitment team will be selecting pre-qualified, top-notch aftermarket professionals across a wide variety of disciplines, who are looking for their next challenge.

The recruitment specialist will covertly present their skills, experience and expertise alongside their career aspirations, wants and needs, to suitable aftermarket businesses who have signed up to this initiative.

Shepherd continued: “We are essentially operating as the enabler for discreet conversations to take place through our experienced aftermarket recruitment team.”

This will be a pre-register service only. Executive candidates will be proactively promoted, in a pre-agreed blind format, via GCA’s client subscriber mailing list.

Using the latest technology, covert candidate profiles will be presented through GCA’s branded online platform. The candidate’s identity will remain completely hidden; their profile will simply include a PDF attachment covering basic key information advising on their experiences, skills and aspirations.

Operating in a vertical market for over two decades, discretion and ethical hiring has had to be a top priority to enable GCA to continually serve the aftermarket sector and grow its recruitment service offering. Therefore, clients and candidates are only introduced after establishing initial interest and a thorough briefing from both sides.

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