ADAS calibration is a safeguard for the future and Hella Gutmann has all bases covered

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are now standard features on millions of vehicles, so being able to calibrate the cameras/radars that allow them to function correctly, is vital for independent workshops, both commercially and with the safety of their customers in mind.

Hella Gutmann is the pioneer of aftermarket ADAS calibration equipment and has been in the UK market for more than 10 years, raising awareness of the issues and championing the cause of the independent.

Many businesses now realise that whenever they undertake work on a vehicle that has a direct effect on its steering geometry – wheel alignment, steering & suspension replacement, etc. – an ADAS camera/radar calibration must be carried out. Therefore, they must supplement their diagnostic equipment with a calibration tool.

“Because the diagnostic device and the calibration tool must be compatible, the investment needs to be well-considered as ultimately, the model coverage of the diagnostic software and the associated calibration device will dictate whether the extent of the calibration work the workshop can undertake, is cost effective,” explains Neil Hilton, Head of Hella Gutmann UK. “This is where Hella Gutmann’s original analogue CSC-Tool SE and CSC-Mobile, as well as the most recently introduced, CSC-Tool Digital, show their advantages.”

With outstanding vehicle model coverage, the CSC-Tool, in common with the easily transported CSC-Mobile solution, in conjunction with a Hella Gutmann mega Macs diagnostic device, has a proven track record in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe. It is for good reason that the world’s leading auto glass networks rely on the German equipment. In addition to the calibration of front cameras, long-range radar
and lidar, the comprehensive modular CSC tool system also allows calibration of 360° and rear cameras, as well as 24 GHz radar sensors for detection in the wider environment, and thanks to its ongoing developments, Hella Gutmann’s calibration hardware and software remains close to the vehicle manufacturers’ rapid technology advances and short model cycles.

“The CSC-Tool Digital is the latest evolution of the Hella Gutmann calibration offering,” Hilton continues. “Everything that is possible with the analogue CSC-Tool SE and CSC-Mobile, also works with the CSC-Tool Digital, but faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the digital tool has some additional benefits to offer: for example, there is no need to store and carry around the large-format front camera targets. This saves both time and money because currently many different targets are required for the vehicles that are commonly used in the UK and Ireland.

“The ongoing development of our equipment is a continuous process and a large part of that is dedicated to assisting our customers, or enabling users of tools from other companies, to be able to benefit from the market-leading solutions we provide.

“A perfect example of this strategy is the launch of universal mounting brackets to integrate the Hunter wheel alignment kit with the Hella Gutmann CSC-Tool SE and CSC-Tool Digital, which at the same time, both increases the capability of the Hunter tool, and the ability of the workshop to cost effectively introduce additional services to their customers and ensure they can fulfil their repair responsibilities on
the vehicles they service.

“With three formats of calibration tool available catering for fixed workshop, mobile and digital applications, Hella Gutmann has a unique offering, which truly covers all the bases and provides the tyre replacement sector with the perfect solution for their ADAS needs.”

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