ALLDATA Europe adds three more vehicle manufacturers to workshop portal

ALLDATA Repair subscribers across Europe can now access original OEM repair information from Abarth, Chrysler and Tesla.

With these agreements, the number of vehicle manufacturers’ (VMs’) available from ALLDATA Repair has reached 36. This means independent technicians can gain genuine technical data for 96% of vehicles on the road today.

To further bolster confidence and support of ALLDATA Repair subscribers, they can quickly locate hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) repair data through an improved ‘component tree’ search list. This development showcases ALLDATA Europe’s commitment to adding all newly published hybrid and EV data into its repair portal in the future.

ALLDATA Repair includes more than 100,000 vehicle combinations

ALLDATA Europe continues to listen to customer demand with the introduction of these three new VMs, following requested introductions for Dodge, Ram, and Jeep in 2023, further expanding ALLDATA Repair’s capabilities. There are now more than 118,000 vehicle combinations available.

This wealth of information includes Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), diagnostic trouble codes and technical drawings and wiring diagrams. These resources, including electrical connector views, offer technicians a comprehensive toolkit.

ALLDATA Europe remains dedicated to helping technicians eliminate guesswork, making repairs simpler and more efficient.

ALLDATA President, Satwinder Mangat, said: “ALLDATA Europe is excited to offer technicians expanded vehicle coverage with the addition of Abarth, Chrysler and Tesla. It’s crucial that technicians have access to the most current OEM information, so they can safely and accurately repair vehicles according to manufacturer specifications. Our industry leading ALLDATA Repair solution does just that and more.”
ALLDATA Europe Managing Director, Karol Englert, added: “These latest introductions to ALLDATA Repair complement our desire to continually build a product that keeps up with market trends and meets the needs of technicians across Europe.

“Technicians are looking after vehicles of all makes and models across all powertrains; therefore, it’s crucial that we continue to improve and add to ALLDATA Repair. If we do that, we’ll ensure our customers, and their customers are satisfied.”

To learn more and discover how ALLDATA Repair works in practice, check out The website also offers the chance to request a free trial or sign-up immediately.

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