AUTOMOTIV3 Developments becomes Fueltone Pro distributor

AUTOMOTIV3 Developments becomes official Fueltone Pro distributor, emphasising emission-reducing product benefits.

Fueltone Pro, a leader in fuel additives and engine treatments, has announcedAUTOMOTIV3 Developments, a prominent name in the UK’s automotive tuning sector, as an official distributor, as it looks to promote sustainable solutions that reduce vehicle emissions.

AUTOMOTIV3 Developments provides top-tier hardware, software, and services and with over three decades of combined expertise, it works with automotive partners to offer solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency, output, and service quality for its trade customers, including mechanics, workshops, main dealers, and performance workshops.

Its in-depth understanding of automotive engineering spans from service and diagnostics to software development, helping to address complex challenges that the automotive aftermarket faces.

Matt, technical director at AUTOMOTIV3 Developments, said: “We saw a direct synergy between our customers and Fueltone’s products and our decision to stock its range of additives was significantly influenced by recommendations from its customers and sub-distributors who reported great success with Fueltone’s range.

“We’ve had no concerns – feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers placing repeat orders.”

AUTOMOTIV3 Developments customers can now benefit from profit-boosting versatility as Fueltone Pro is designed to optimise engine performance for various vehicles, providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance their bottom line.

What’s more Fueltone Pro’s concentrated formulas and multi-dose formats provide great value, allowing businesses to save money while boosting their profits.

Customers will also benefit from improved acceleration, smoother idling, and increased brake horsepower. Fueltone Pro products address common engine issues like blocked DPFs and emission light errors, ensuring cleaner and longer-lasting engine performance.

Fueltone Pro’s commitment to reducing emissions aligns seamlessly with AUTOMOTIV3’s values. Matt emphasised: “We’re happy to say we’re helping to ensure vehicles stay roadworthy and compliant with strict regulations. This partnership supports our goal of being responsible automotive partners.”

AUTOMOTIV3 Developments has effectively highlighted the benefits of Fueltone products through targeted marketing strategies. “We regularly conduct market surveillance and focus on bulk sales to trade customers, which has proven to be a strength. Customers are more likely to repeat orders if they see the products work,” Matt explained.

Matt offered advice to other businesses considering Fueltone Pro products: “It’s a perfect opportunity to upsell during yearly servicing and MOT tests. Fueltone additives make the mechanical work easier, encourage preventative maintenance, and reduce time and investment in workshops. It’s counterintuitive for a vehicle to come back for the same issue.

“We would highly recommend Fueltone. Its approach is active and engaged, and the team is eager to receive feedback. This aligns with our company goals of being comprehensive automotive partners.”

Robbie Gray, Chairman of Fueltone Pro, added: “AUTOMOTIV3 has built a favourable reputation within the industry and it’s great to have the company on board as a stockist. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction mirrors our own. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing vehicle emissions and promoting cleaner air.”

Fueltone Pro is an innovator in fuel additives and engine treatments, headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland. Established in 2012, the company focuses on developing products that prevent and solve common engine problems, enhancing performance and reducing emissions.

All product development is carried out by expert chemists and the Fueltone Pro management team in Scotland, ensuring high standards of quality and efficacy.

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