Delphi aims to increase diagnostics understanding

Delphi believes many independent garages are still unsure of the diagnostics capabilities they need for newer generation cars and of the technologies they will encounter.

Delphi’s OBD diagnostics offering is built around the DS180 BlueTech vehicle communication interface (VCI). It’s usually supplied in a ‘Car Kit’ including a high specification tablet as well as the USB hub and cable needed to support J2534 ‘Pass-Thru’.

Whilst many products connect via the car OBD port, the levels of access and functionality they offer garages vary hugely. Delphi says these differences are due to a host of factors including the software capabilities and vehicle coverage – as well as ability to legitimately interface with third party vehicle manufacturer systems.

“The BlueTech VCI can help garages in the long term,” said Marco Lagomarsini, EMEA Commercial Lead for Workshop Solutions at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket. “Those thinking further ahead appreciate how we can future-proof business.”

Pass-Thru is essential to access full diagnostics functionality, specifically updating (or ‘flashing’) ECUs. The BlueTech DS180 enables garages to simply plug in, access VM portals, download software and make updates.

“The aim is to make it all as seamless as possible,” said Marco. “As well as supporting Pass-Thru we also make security gateways simpler and quicker to navigate.”

Security gateways serve an entirely different purpose. They exist to restrict and track who is accessing car ECUs for safety-related operations, aiming to protect cars and drivers. Historically, separate VM gateways have been time consuming to register with, pay for and use.

Delphi’s ‘integrated solution’ results from the global manufacturer’s agreement of commercial terms with a growing list of VMs and groups including FCA, VAG and Mercedes Benz / Smart. Delphi then implements the technical solutions to streamline connectivity so licenced BlueTech users don’t have to log in to or register with individual VM portals.

“The process seems very simple because we’ve done a lot of complex work in the background to save technicians time,” said Marco.

The DS180 BlueTech VCI sits firmly within the top tier of OE-level diagnostics solutions available to garages according to Delphi. It already supports key communications protocols like DoIP (used by Volvo and JLR) and CAN FD (Flexible Data-Rate) – a fast protocol currently used in high-end vehicles that will become more widely adopted in future.

“Many technicians are nervous,” said Marco. “Pass-Thru can be risky and you need to know what you’re doing so that’s why we’ve developed specific training.”

Delphi’s BlueTech licence can be purchased for anywhere from 1 to 5 years, with reduced rates for longer terms. It includes not only hardware warranty but also free access to the extensive diagnostic e-learning content on Delphi Academy. There’s training modules available on running procedures as well as Pass-Thru and security gateways too.

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