Delphi Technologies launches Bi-metallic brake discs

Delphi Technologies, a brand of BorgWarner Inc, has announced the launch of new bi-metallic, high-carbon alloy brake discs.

Delphi Technologies, a brand of BorgWarner Inc, has announced the launch of new bi-metallic, high-carbon alloy brake discs.

With a 15% weight reduction compared to a single, fully cast-iron disc, the new brake discs help improve fuel efficiency and, thanks to the two-part construction, reduce vibration and noise for an all-round satisfying on-vehicle experience

The parts feature a new coating for Delphi Technologies components, with many benefits for vehicle owner and workshop alike. The premium Magni™ coating is engineered to deliver superior corrosion protection from a single layer. The Magni™ coating is also environmentally friendly thanks to reduced energy consumption during production. The eye-catching aesthetics from the coating further enhance the desirability of the non-drilled, drilled and slotted discs sporting the coating.

Applications included in the initial launch have focused on some of the most popular BMW models, with 1.7M of these vehicles on the road across Europe. The range is planned to expand in the near future with applications currently in development for Toyota, Mercedes, Tesla, VAG, Jaguar Land Rover and continue focusing on key models for the European market in the prime of their service life.

Workshop benefits

Poor brake condition is one the most common reasons for road worthiness test failures and is often reported in vehicle health checks. By choosing these coated discs with many benefits for their customers, the workshop can improve required servicing upsells and increase average invoice values. The discs have no oil-film, therefore they do not require cleaning before installation, and they do come with fixing screws for a fast-fit solution out of the box which further assists the workshop to offer a quick turn around on identified brake service requirements.

“We chose this coating for its ability to enhance corrosion protection while not compromising the other high performing aspects of these brake discs.” comments Laurence Batchelor, Delphi Technologies Global Chassis Lead. “This new range immediately impresses upon fitment and in the long term, as the driver experiences optimum safety and MPG benefits at a time when managing vehicle costs has never been so important. We strongly believe in this exciting new product which is why we’re already investing in expanding the range to include more key applications, including Hybrid and Electric vehicles.”

Impressive Test Results

These high-performance discs have been validated on their braking performance and mechanical properties in controlled test conditions on advanced dyno meters for noise and brake torque testing.

In their corrosion stress-test, comparing a BMW OE coated disc vs a Delphi Technologies disc with the Magni™ coating, the Delphi Technologies disc far outperformed the OE disc; taking 240 hours to show evidence of corrosion compared to the 120 hours of the OE disc.

Additionally, Delphi Technologies Bi-metallic discs are approved to ECE Regulation 90 as certificated by the German KBA authorities. Lastly these same discs have undergone multiple on-vehicle road tests in the UK at Delphi Technologies technical centre in a real-world environment.

Batchelor continues “It is important to us that our aftermarket braking solutions offer workshops a premium, OE-equivalent choice and we are delighted that independent testing in Germany has verified the impressive capabilities of these discs. Our braking components often match, or better, alternatives in the market so workshops can be assured that they are choosing the best for their customers.”

Visit to discover more about how these parts match OE standards and OE performance in an easy-to-adopt aftermarket solution.

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