Launch Tech UK goes electric

Launch Tech UK has shored up its range of electric vehicle diagnostic tools and workshop equipment with new devices and technology.

To stay ahead of the curve with the impending petrol and diesel vehicle ban in 2035, garages and technicians need to ensure they are both preparing their workshops and training themselves to work on electric vehicles (EVs), by ensuring they have the right equipment and tools, says Launch Tech UK.

The EV market has grown rapidly over the last few years, recent data from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) shows. One battery electric vehicle was registered every 60 seconds in 2023, as deliveries surged 87.9 percent*.

To help garages and workshops meet the demand of more EVs arriving in garages, Launch Tech UK has shored up its range of electric vehicle diagnostic tools and workshop equipment with new devices and technology to offer technicians a complete range for diagnosing EVs and carrying out battery repair work.

EV diagnostics vs regular diagnostics
EV diagnostics involve the use of specialised tools and techniques to identify and fix problems in electric vehicle components and systems to ensure proper functionality.

The different types of diagnosis in EVs include diagnosis of the computer system of the electric vehicle, the battery and charging system, as well as other components such as brakes, suspension and steering.

Launch Tech UK’s EV range
The company’s range includes two brand-new diagnostics tablets, the PO1 and PO3, as well as an EV battery cell balancer, the EB240, plus the EP260 for advanced charging and discharging, and finally the ET30, a battery pack leakage tester.

Launch Smartsafe PO1 and PO3 EV Diagnostic Tools

Both diagnostic tablets have been designed for the testing and diagnosis of new EV systems and internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicles, including the deep diagnosis of battery packs of multiple manufacturers.

Launch Tech UK’s PO1 and PO3 tools offer technicians a one-tool solution with 37 special service and reset functions and include bi-directional control, live data reading and recording and system identification.

EV battery testing includes voltage detection of each module in the battery pack and displaying the voltage of each module, highlighting the highest and lowest voltage. Similarly, the temperature of each module is also displayed.

Detection includes error codes in the battery management system, system ECU identification. Plus it has special functions for match and learn replacement components to the BMS. It also includes two years’ software update and warranty.

The PO1 and PO3 are ADAS ready on purchase of a Launch ADAS system. An immobiliser function is included to identify and authorise remote keys.

Launch Tech’s PO3 also comes with a two-channel oscilloscope with 10mHz bandwidth and multimeter, auto A/C D/C ranging 600V.

Launch Smartsafe EB240

This battery cell balancer for maintaining EV batteries can be used to overcome range degradation caused by battery pack voltage inconsistencies.

The new tool features a seven-inch touch screen interface, data processing unit, data monitoring unit, equalising cables, and panel operating module, plus, a wide voltage range suitable for all lithium batteries, multiple overcharge and discharge protections, and built-in memory holding operation reports, using the latest battery equalising technology.

The EB240 is suitable for use in qualified EV workshops, battery production facilities and research and development centers.

Launch Smartsafe EP260

Launch Tech UK’s EP260 is an advanced charging and discharging device for lithium batteries. This tool has various testing and maintenance modes, including discharge, charging, cycle discharging and charging tests of various designs of EV batteries.

The main features of the EP260 includes wide voltage design, covering varying voltage requirements, voltage and temperature monitoring to protect the battery and equipment. Plus, a seven-inch touch screen, built-in memory to support storage of records, there’s no interference with the BMS system and is simple to operate.

Launch Smartsafe ET30

This new battery pack leakage tester is used to test the integrity of an EV battery pack. It uses compressed air to apply pressure to the inner cavity or surface of the battery, then sensitive sensors detect variations in pressure within the battery cavity to determine any leakage of the battery pack.

The ET30, with its a seven-inch touch screen featuring highly sensitive sensors to significantly improve accuracy, displays the progress of each test on the screen, showing a visual and audible warning with any abnormal test results. ET30 will display simultaneously the pressure dial and test curve, and memorise the test parameters to improve operator efficiency.

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