Melett urges technicians to think ‘turbo’ this winter

The trusted aftermarket brand for precision engineered turbochargers and parts, Melett, is urging technicians to stay on top of turbo maintenance this winter and has offered best practice tips to help customers prolong the life of their turbo, as temperatures plummet.

Lubrication is a key element to ensuring a turbocharger is doing its job correctly. Therefore, it is essential to check that a vehicle’s oil is the correct grade. When fitting a replacement turbo, it is important that the oil system has been primed and is in full working order. If this is not the case, it can lead to premature failure, says Melett.

Many turbo-related issues are simply down to neglect, and with more than a third of drivers expected to skip servicing their vehicle in a poll taken in 2022, Melett is advising technicians to not only encourage regular servicing, but also to ensure the vehicle’s oil and oil filter is checked and replaced to protect the turbo from damage cause by contamination.

Another top tip for motorists is to adapt their driving habits during the colder weather, especially if the vehicle has not been run for long periods. Simple changes such as waiting a few minutes before driving at high revs to allow the engine to warm and oil to flow through the turbocharger. This prevents damage to components within the turbocharger.

By avoiding revving the engine, unnecessary stress on the turbo is avoided. For more turbo tips and helpful video resources, please visit

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