New Texaco oil meets emission requirements

New Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-20 engine oil meets MAN M3977 approval and Euro VI-d emission requirements.

Texaco Lubricants is pleased to announce the introduction of Texaco Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-20, a premium performance synthetic heavy-duty engine oil designed to provide robust protection and optimum fuel economy in high performance, low emissions engines used in severe on-highway applications.

Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-20 features advanced ISOSYN® technology, which uses high performance low SAPS additive systems. It meets the latest MAN M3977 standards for modern diesel engines with diesel particulate filters, and latest Euro VI-d emission requirements.

The product is designed to optimise fuel economy performance while helping maintain reliable component wear protection and engine service life. Its low viscosity synthetic base oil technology promotes cold start-ups and diesel engine performance in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, it is formulated to minimise wear, scuffing, and bore polishing, as well as to aid soot dispersancy and help reduce maintenance downtime and cost.

From an environmental perspective, Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-20’s low-ash additives help offer protection to diesel particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation and catalytic converter systems. The engine oil promotes the reliable functioning of engine aftertreatment systems over the entire system’s lifetime, and its high performance additives and base oil offer wear protection, oxidation, and sludge and oil thickening control, whilst helping to extend oil drain.

Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-20 has been specially developed for use in MAN Euro VI-d commercial vehicles and is recommended for use in the latest generation of MAN trucks and buses that require MAN M3977 approved engine oils. This includes vehicle types E, F, J & K with D26 and D38 engines that are equipped with EFR & SCR+CRT, and D2676 & D3876 engines. The product has also been developed for on-highway light and heavy-duty trucks, and modern heavy-duty engines that are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters in line with the owner manual recommendations.

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