Parts In Motion highlights key parts to stock up on this autumn

Vehicle parts supplier Parts In Motion is advising garages and service centres to plan ahead when it comes to braking, filters and wash and wipe parts, as the peak MOT and servicing season looms.

Data from GiPA shows garages will see a forecasted 3.27 million vehicles for MOTs in September, compared with 2.64 million in the same month four years ago, in 2018.

The online distributor is committed to next-day delivery and stocking the necessary parts for garages, to meet the needs of the modern workshop and demands of the ageing vehicle parc.

As braking is a key safety feature for motorists, and a common MOT failure, Parts In Motion has expanded its braking product range to ensure it can meet the demands of the ever-growing car parc.

The arrival of autumn also brings with it rainy season. As windscreen wipers are one of the most hard-working parts of a vehicle, but the least durable thanks to the constant attack from weather conditions, bugs, pollen and leaves, the recommendation is to replace them every 12 months.

By stocking up on wipers, technicians and factors can benefit from upselling opportunities – and complete jobs quicker by having wiper products to hand.

Finally, ensuring clean air flows through vehicles is essential and as the colder temperatures set in, there are even more reasons to ensure filters are replaced when servicing a vehicle, sooner rather than later.

Parts In Motion offers fast delivery on leading automotive parts brands, including febi, Bosch, Borg & Beck, Blueprint, LUK, Gates, NAPA, BM Catalysts, Apec, KYB, BGA, NRF, First Line and Lucas. If you’re in need of any parts or products to help keep your vehicle in good health, simply enter your vehicle registration at or speak to one of Parts In Motion product experts to find out more.

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