Philips Workshop Light wins Auto Express comparison

One of the most recent additions to the Philips award-winning range of professional work lamps, the Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet light has just finished on top of Auto Express’s test for workshop lights of this type.

Brighter by design

The Xperion 6000 saw off competiton from some other big name lights in the test, with Auto Express remarking that “The Philips has several design tweaks that give it a performance edge,” “It ticks just about all of our boxes” and “the performance advantages make it a good choice for regular users.”

In fact the Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet light outperformed its rivals in most areas, with particular mention of its 1200 lumens LED strip with rotary control that allows the brightness to be dimmed and adjusted to the ideal level for the task.

The telescoping light can extend 2.08 meters with both sides extended, and the light unit can slide along almost the entire length, so that light can be properly directed across an engine bay, or any other area, without having to change the lamp angle.

Also mentioned were its proximity sensor that detects activity within a 2.5-meter radius. This allows the light to automatically turn on or off for maximum battery-life and ease of operation.

The Philips Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet work light delivers 5800 Kelvin bright white light. It features a battery status indicator to show remaining power and includes an Eco-mode in which the light can operate continuously for more than a full half-day, which was, again, a clear performance advantage over its rivals.

Built for professionals and the rigours of workshop life

Automotive workshop life has its fair share of bumps and scrapes. Tools get dropped, liquids spill and overflow, so tools must be durable to survive.

As with all lights in the Xperion 6000 range, the Philips Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet work light comes with internationally recognised impact and ingress protection. With its robust aluminum housing, the Philips Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet Light offers IK07 impact protection and IP54 resistance to splashes and dust. For peace of mind, the lamp features a Philips two-year warranty that can be extended for an additional year.

The Philips Xperion 6000 range includes flood lights – one of which even allows you to listen to music from your phone – wands, hand-helds, slim-lights, and flexi-lights – 11 professional work lamps in total, as well as two smart accessories – a charging station and find-my-light system that help make work life better for workshop technicians, every day.

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