Record high temperatures putting strain on under bonnet electrics

A combination of soaring temperatures across the country and greater demands on vehicle electrics may result in increased failures of alternators.

WAI, leading supplier of rotating electrics, has warned that the UK heatwave will result in heightened under bonnet temperatures, potentially resulting in increased failure rates for alternators.

Richard Welland, managing director of WAI, said: “Extreme hot weather increases the load put on starter motors and alternators. These units are having to work much harder with temperatures under the bonnet far higher than usual, which can inevitably lead to burn outs and units failing.”

Modern vehicles carry far more electrical systems on board and pressures on space and weight-saving mean that parts are often smaller with limited ventilation and cooling – meaning alternators are already placed under higher loads than ever before.

“Alternators will be working much harder, especially in the current heatwave to keep the air conditioning working. We’d expect to see some considerably higher failure rates of these units due to the heat,” Welland added.

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