The crucial role of quality starter motors and alternators from Autoelectro

As the winter chill sets in, vehicles face increased demands on their electrical systems, leading to a higher rate of alternator failures. Autoelectro recognises the unique challenges posed by colder weather.

Autoelectro’s Harnek Bhogal aims to shed light on the key factors influencing both alternator and starter motor performance, emphasising the unique quality and reliability of its remanufactured OE-spec units.

Alternators: Meeting winter’s electrical demands with premium quality

The main cause of the heightened rate of alternator failures in winter lies in the increased load placed on these crucial components. Drivers heavily rely on electrical systems during colder months, such as heaters, defrosters, headlights, and various climate control features. This increased electrical load puts additional strain on the alternator, as it must simultaneously power these systems while maintaining the battery’s charge.

Autoelectro’s remanufactured, OE-spec alternators stand out due to their quality, availability and ease of fitting. Harnek said: “Our units are manufactured with precision engineering, high-quality materials and adhere to the most stringent manufacturing standards. The components used in our alternators are durable and reliable, reducing the likelihood of failure, even in extreme cold temperatures.

“In contrast, ‘copy’ units often compromise on materials and quality control, making them more susceptible to malfunction in harsh environmental conditions. For motor factors, workshops and end-users, why take the risk?”

Efficiency is another crucial aspect where Autoelectro excels, according to Harnek. He continued: “Our alternators are designed for optimal proficiency, producing electrical power with minimal waste in the form of heat. This efficiency becomes particularly crucial in colder weather, where the engine may need to work harder to generate power. A better-quality alternator helps minimise strain on the engine, enhancing fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on the vehicle’s electrical system.”

Backed by a robust two-year warranty and enviable technical customer support, Autoelectro ensures peace of mind up-and-down the supply chain, especially in colder weather conditions where breakdowns can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

But what about starter motors?

Cold mornings pose a specific threat to starter motors too, with excessive cranking leading to an increased rate of burnouts. Autoelectro, with almost 40 years under its belt, knows the ‘normal’ reasons for its failures, including overheating, excessive cranking, and mechanical issues, such as being stuck in the mesh.

While the faults observed in returned cores remain consistent, the winter conditions exacerbate these issues. The strain on rotating electrics during winter mornings is unparalleled, making it crucial for vehicles to be equipped with reliable starter motors.


As winter conditions put additional stress on vehicles, Autoelectro stands as a beacon of reliability with OE-spec starter motors and alternators.

Harnek concluded: “Our commitment to quality, availability, and customer support ensures that workshops, motor factors and motorists can confidently navigate the challenges of winter, knowing they are backed by a renowned supplier.”

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