DENSO unveils the secrets of wiper blade replacement

As a leading original equipment (OE) wiper blade manufacturer, DENSO is always finding new ways to inform, educate and provide best practice principles when it comes to their replacement.

Now, in a series of ‘how to’ videos, the company has once more underscored its commitment to clarity and convenience

Although wiper blades are one of the most important safety features fitted to vehicles, drivers rarely give them a second thought, despite the fact that efficient windscreen wiping and visibility are vital all year round. Therefore, it’s important for wiper blades to be replaced as soon as their performance begins to drop, but notwithstanding, at least once a year.

In addition to making it straightforward to identify and select the correct replacement, DENSO has now gone several steps further and, as well as providing written instructions with supporting diagrams on its product packaging, it has now produced a series of videos that clearly demonstrate the fitting process, to make their replacement a quick and easy job.

Reflecting the range of wipers the company offers, DENSO has produced a specific video for its three primary designs – Standard, Flat and Hybrid – which not only provides motorists with the widest choice of options in terms of their blade preference, but also ensures that whatever style they choose, they can be fitted correctly.

After identifying the wiper blade to wiper arm fixing system, the videos explain where the wiper arms need to be positioned to enable the safe removal of the existing blade. They also provide a really useful tip, often overlooked during the replacement process, which is to thoroughly clean the windscreen before the old blades are removed and new ones fitted, in order to prevent scratches and ensure the proper seating of the new blades.

Key to correct replacement is understanding how the existing blades are attached, which is the next step in the video and without this visual explanation, is often difficult to imagine. Another valuable tip included at this stage is to check the condition of the arm where the blade attaches, as corrosion here could present a safety issue and would require advice from a professional technician.

Finally, the new blade fitting process is shown, including the all-important locking position, and once completed, a final system check is carried out, by activating the windscreen washer function, which will confirm that the blades have been replaced successfully.

These new videos are available alongside a wide variety of useful wiper blade advice and information, on the DENSO Aftermarket website at:

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