HELLA expands Black Magic auxiliary headlamp series

HELLA, the automotive supplier operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, is expanding its Black Magic product range with a total of 32 new lightbars.

HELLA, the automotive supplier operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, is expanding its Black Magic product range with a total of 32 new lightbars.

The company is therefore continuing a success story in Europe, as the headlamp series has already been a top seller in the USA for many years.

It was launched in Europe for off-road applications in early 2022, but in addition to the first-generation lightbars already available for off-road applications, HELLA has now expanded the series with 18 additional lightbars for off-road applications and 14 lightbars with ECE approval R149 for use as auxiliary headlamps for road traffic.

HELLA Black Magic Lightbars are auxiliary headlamps with a very powerful light output. Depending on the version, they offer up to 9,200 (with ECE approval) or 20,000 (for off-road applications) effective maximum lumens, making them ideal for situations in which the best possible illumination of the surroundings is essential. Both the single-row (“Slim”) and double-row lightbars (“Double Row”), with their distinctive look and all-black design, offer a high recognition effect, while being an eye-catcher on any off-road vehicle, SUV or truck.

The new, particularly robust second-generation lightbars are available in the “Slim” and “Double Row” designs in both straight and “curved” versions. “Curved” versions are characterised by a convex curvature and offer a particularly wide light distribution.

14 Lightbars with ECE approval suitable as auxiliary headlamps in road traffic

In addition to the sophisticated and attractive design, the auxiliary headlamps in the Black Magic series offer excellent light output. For example, the longest ECE version at 40 inches has a light output of 9,200 effective lumens. An excellent choice for those who need good light on the truck or SUV. In addition, the product series complies with EMC protection in accordance with ECE-R10, has all the necessary protection classes and is therefore dust-tight and resistant to high-pressure cleaners. Operating voltage of 10-30 volts and an extra-strong, two-metre cable make the Black Magic series the ideal companion for trucks, SUVs and off-road vehicles. The ECE versions are available from seven to 40 inches.

18 new lightbar variants for offroad applications

In addition to the ECE series, there will also be an expansion of the pure off-road versions. With a total of 18 new variants in the “Slim” and “Double Row” designs, which will also be available in both straight and “curved” versions, HELLA offers lightbars from 20 inches to 52 inches in length and a maximum light performance of 20,000 effective lumens. The Black Magic lightbars for off-road applications also have an integrated thermal sensor that allows them to be adjusted to the ambient temperature. This new feature not only prevents overheating or LED failure, but also increases light output when the ambient temperature is low. This gives the user the ideal amount of light under all conditions.

With the expansion of the range, HELLA now offers a total of 40 lightbars individually or as a set, thus providing the right lightbar for every mounting location on the vehicle: whether roof, roof bar, radiator grille or bumper, the auxiliary headlamps can be mounted either upright or suspended. Completely black with a discreet HELLA branding, the lightbars in the Black Magic series are also a special design highlight on any vehicle. Black additional brackets for the rear mounting are also available as accessories as part of the series. These provide additional stability for all lightbars from 40 inches in length by means of four-point mounting. Alternatively, these brackets can also be used instead of the side brackets to make optimum use of mounting surfaces on the vehicle.

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