Introducing Farécla Clean and Protect, a new and powerful cleaner

AutoScene are excited to announce the introduction of Farécla Clean and Protect; a highly innovative product developed by the same team that brought you the G360 Super Fast Polishing System.

Available in 1 Litre trigger spray, Farécla Clean and Protect (Part No.CAP101) is a non-hazardous, silicone- and VOC-free product that offers your customers immense cleaning power and at the same time leaves a long lasting protective layer on the surface.

Applied by hand on a microfibre cloth, use it on paintwork, glass, plastics or rubber to remove polishing residues, glue lines and finger marks – or to rapidly remove much tougher stains like bird lime.

Clean and Protect will enhance almost any surface, so it confers added lustre and depth of shine to gloss paintwork, but will not add gloss to satin finishes or most matt finishes* and it will darken black trims.

Finally, the protective layer left by Clean and Protect will add easy-clean and water repellency properties to the surface that will endure for a remarkably long time – up to 4 weeks.

As it is a perfect complement to the G360 Super Fast System, but equally to other Farécla compounds and polishes, Farécla is offering a variety of launch promotions, so do contact your distributor to see what deals are on offer. The launch deals will only be available while strictly limited promotional stocks last, so don’t delay!

Customers of part number G3 Pro Bodyshop Detailer 500ml (Part No. GDU501) should note that this part number will be delisted and replaced by Farécla Clean and Protect 1L (Part No. CAP101).

We are convinced that Farécla Clean and Protect has the performance quality and ease of use to make it a firm favourite with bodyshops, boatbuilders and GRP moulders everywhere.

Please do send us your feedback on Clean and Protect – customer views are always very welcome as they help us to refine our offering and maximise the benefits that Farécla’s products offer you.

Check out the product by clicking here 

You can also view the fact sheet by clicking here

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