Mirka introduces Long Fileboard range for sanding larger surfaces

sanding equipment from MIRKA.

Traditionally, shipyard and transport and industry sectors have used homemade, heavy file boards for high stock removal on larger surface applications.

To address this challenge, Mirka UK is introducing a range of user-friendly, ergonomic, dust free Long Fileboards (Fairing boards) for filler, undercoat, and gelcoat sanding to reduce clean up time and lowering costs.

The cleverly designed MirkaÒ Long Fileboards (Fairing boards) come in three different models and two different lengths: 1600mm rigid, 1600mm flexible, and 680mm rigid, to suit a variety of surfaces including flat, curved, large or small.

They are very effective when combined with Mirka® Galaxy, AbranetÒ, and AbranetÒ ACE abrasive rolls, providing cutting-edge abrasion while virtually eliminating dust because of the Long Fileboards’ integrated dust extraction device that simply fits to a dust extractor.

Chris Brook, business sector manager Transport & Industry for Mirka UK, says, “By listening to customers and identifying challenges in the marketplace, Mirka has now designed a solution for large surface applications in marine, aerospace, trains, trucks, and transport industries that have traditionally relied on homemade remedies. We’re confident our new range of Long Fileboards will make their tasks easier and more cost-effective.”

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