NEOLUX lighting brand launches +150 Extra Light bulb range

The new NEOLUX +150 Extra Light bulbs feature up to 150 percent more brightness* and a longer light beam for higher performance and better visibility.

The halogen upgrade bulbs have been designed to offer motorists even greater illumination of the road ahead to enable them to see further and react to any hazards or traffic signs quicker, improving overall road safety.

Terri Clark, Lighting Marketing Manager for NEOLUX in the UK, comments: “Many drivers think they have nothing to worry about as long as their headlight’s function – believing all they have to do is change their bulbs if they break or burn out. But over time the amount of light produced by headlights diminishes.

“That’s why it’s essential that headlights should be checked regularly, and bulbs changed in pairs using high quality products that you can depend on. The NEOLUX +150 upgrade bulbs offer the automotive aftermarket up to 150% more brightness to light up the road. This is an extension of our leading aftermarket NEOLUX range.”

NEOLUX automotive bulbs are specified according to strict German quality standards and comply with ECE R37 respectively R99 as far as relevant. This latest product launch offers the market an affordable quality upgrade lighting solution, suitable for all types of vehicles and is available in twin packs for H4 and H7 ECE types.

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