OSRAM launches fully loaded 12V and 24V bulb cabinets

Aftermarket lighting specialist OSRAM has launched two new 12V and 24V bulb cabinets, fully loaded with the fastest moving headlight and auxiliary bulbs in its range.

The 12V and 24V cabinets stock up to 178 of OSRAM’s OE-quality bulb products and can be wall mounted so technicians can access the right bulb quickly for every job. It also helps workshop engineers keep control of their bulb stock, providing a quick visual of what needs to be replenished.

Terri Clark, lighting marketing manager at OSRAM, said: “The wall mountable and lockable AVS cabinet offers technicians a secure, easy reference of their bulb stock and quick availability at the point of installation. The 12V and 24V cabinets are complete with the fastest-moving OSRAM bulb references in the OSRAM Original range.”

The 24V AVS cabinet contains ten of OSRAM’s 64155, 64156, 64196, 2841, 3930, 5626, 5627, 5637, 6423, 7510TSP and 7537 bulbs, plus 20 64215, 2845, and 7511 bulbs, all compliant to ECE regulation 37.

The 12V cabinet contains three 64150, five 64211, and ten 64150, 64151, 64193, 64210, 2721, 2827NA, 3893, 5007, 5008, 6418, 7225, 7506, 7507, 7528 and 921 bulb references, plus 20 of OSRAM’s 2825 bulb reference.

The 12V (OSRAVS12V) and 24V (OSRAVS24V) loaded AVS cabinets can be ordered through OSRAM area sales managers or via the customer service team.

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