Polished performance brings great savings

With bodyshops under ever more pressure to cut costs many are finding that they can makesignificant savings from a switch to Farécla’s G360 Super Fast polishing system.

Following a scientific breakthrough the revolutionary abrasive technology in G360 Compound enables it to polish out P1500 scratch marks to a permanent finish faster than competitors can sand to P3000 and then polish to a finish.

The system has been tested to be 35-48% faster than its main rival, varying with paint surface and operative. So that also means energy savings per job and the opportunity for increased throughput. Still more cost savings come from reduced product expenditure. Live data from a 6-month bodyshop trial found that G360 required 56% less product per job compared to its main rival, and that’s before considering the cost savings from eliminating or severely reducing the use of expensive P3000 discs.

Farécla Marketing Manager, David Stokes explained, “Data from a six-month trial at an A-grade bodyshop group concluded that the number of jobs done by a bottle of G360 would previously have required 2-2½ boxes of P3000 discs. That’s a huge saving. At today’s prices for a shop that switches away from P3000 that’s equivalent to each bottle of G360 having around £150 in cash for your bottom line strapped to the bottle.”

Already understandably very popular with shop managers and painters alike the system has just been further enhanced with new shape and foam grade applicators, and the addition of Farécla Clean And Protect, a powerful clean up spray that leaves a lasting protective layer despite being silicone- and VOC-free.

The new shape angled foams (yellow for compounding, black for finishing) offer great visibility and control especially at panel edges and around awkward areas such as door handles and mirrors, while at the same time retaining excellent flexibility.

The new foam grades make for even less heat generation than before, plus improved cut and durability for the angled compounding foam and notably enhanced gloss from the angled finishing foam when use with G360 Finish.

A final range enhancement is a new spurring brush with softer bristles to promote longer pad life, another way in which Farécla is trying hard with its G360 system to help shops make cost savings.

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