Revolutionise Your Detailing Business with Diamondbrite Ceramic

Diamondbrite Ceramic is a unique ultra hard coating developed to be easy and quick to apply. It doesn’t cause any application issues unlike other advanced Ceramic Coatings. It can be applied to paintwork, wheels, plastics and glass giving dealers a huge incremental profit opportunity.

Guernsey based detailers MIG recently had the opportunity to test the coating out on one of their vehicles.

AutoScene spoke with experienced detailer Jason from MIG and this is what he had to say about Diamondbrite Ceramic;

“Diamondbrite Ceramic is my go-to every time for its versatility as I can use it to do a complete vehicle package, paint, plastic, glass (excluding windscreen) rubber etc.

When applying the coating it glides across the panels effortlessly and spreads evenly everytime and with a flash time of around 4-5 mins before you have to level it off allows you time to apply to another panel reducing your dead time and making you more productive and time efficient. Once levelled off you can instantly see the increase in the gloss in the paintwork and feel the slickness under the cloth. The Hydrophobic ability of this coating is insane, reducing the amount of dirt that will stick to the car making your car look cleaner for longer and saving on maintenance time. 5-7yrs protection, though with a lifetime of ownership guarantee, with one coat of ceramic with a regular wash programme to keep your investment looking sweet.

Another definite plus point for the Diamondbrite Ceramic is that once we have finished the application process customers can then collect their vehicle after 4hrs, no overnight stay required to cure. Though no chemicals should be used on the car for the following 72hrs.

As with any coating preparation is key to get the best results and we have found the Diamondbrite Ceramic very easy to work with temperature and humidity application ranges that work well for us on Jersey.

All this lushness backed up with the Diamondbrite guarantee and excellent support from our dedicated account Manager Ross, what more could we want!.”

Diamondbrite Ceramic is available to the trade and is an ideal product for detailers, dealerships and bodyshops.

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