Ring, ring – staycations are calling!

Classic car owners want the best because the market is all about high quality and preservation, so when it comes to fixing and maintaining their cars, they want the best parts, service and accessories.

As the summer approaches, many Brits will be thinking about their annual holiday and one that’s been popular since COVID and was also boosted by the fantastic weather last year, is the staycation.

This presents the aftermarket with an excellent upselling opportunity, as there are many products and consumables that drivers will need to help them prepare for it.

Premium quality accessories and consumables manufacturer, Ring, has a wealth of options that are perfect for staycations, including tyre and battery care products, and towing and lighting equipment.

Car trouble when on holiday is never ideal, which is why many of Ring’s products are compact, so can be easily stored in the vehicle and are also simple to use, so if a problem arises, an immediate solution is close to hand.

Towing accessories

Many Brits own a caravan, which provides great options for a staycation, but they obviously need quality towing equipment to transport themselves and their caravan from one location to another.

Ring has a comprehensive selection of towing equipment, including plugs and sockets, cables, mirrors, towbars and reflectors, which ensure drivers who tow have all they need to stay safe throughout their journey.

There are different regulations when towing, so it’s vital that the driver knows and understands these before towing anything. For instance, suitable towing mirrors must be fitted if the trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of the car. Naturally, Ring has a wide selection of towing mirrors, including the RCT1420, which can be adjusted for the clearest possible view to allow the driver to see at least four metres either side of the caravan or trailer, more than meeting the legal requirements.

Tyre care

The correct tyre pressure is incredibly important, so should be checked regularly, but particularly when preparing for a trip, and depending on the distance of the journey, should also be checked on the way. To assist, Ring has a range of gauges for quick pressure checks, but if they need pumping up, it also has a variety of tyre inflators to suit every driver’s need. A particular favourite is the new RTC4000, which is rechargeable, cordless and compact, so can be stored away until needed. It also has a memory function, so the user can save different tyre pressures and activate them easily from the home screen, and has an auto-stop feature, so there’s no risk of over inflating the tyre.

Finally in the tyre care range, should a puncture occur, instead of the hassle of fitting a spare, especially if the vehicle is on the side of a road or it’s dark, Ring’s tyre sealant kit will quickly get a driver back on the road until they can get to a safe place for a full repair or to change the tyre.

Battery care

If a driver is camping or has settled in one location for too long, the vehicle’s battery may lose power or even go flat. To help prevent this from happening, Ring’s range of smart chargers can be left connected to a car battery without overcharging. The intelligent charger will know when a battery is fully charged and will switch to a float mode, so will only add charge again as the battery naturally discharges.

However, if the battery has been allowed to go completely flat, Ring’s compact lithium jumpstarters, the RPPL200 and RPLL300, are ideal. They will jumpstart the vehicle quickly, but are so small, they can be stored them in the vehicle, ready to use if needed again.


During staycations, it’s likely for people to be driving long hours, that may creep into the night. Therefore, being able to see effectively at night is vital, not just for the driver’s visibility, but for the safety of other road users, especially when travelling on rural roads that may not have streetlights. So, if a bulb needs to be replaced or even upgraded before going on holiday, it would be wise to choose one of premium quality, and as a renowned lighting specialist, Ring can be relied upon to provide the perfect fit, with quality and durability as standard.

However, if a driver is unsatisfied with their current bulb and wants more light on the road, a quick and easy upgrade can be achieved with Ring’s extensive range of halogen upgrade bulbs, such as the Xenon200 or Xenon150, alongside an expansive array of other ECE bulb types to fit all makes and models of vehicle.

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