Ring tyre inflators receive best buy and recommended titles

Ring Automotive’s 12V tyre inflators have received plaudits in the latest product tests in Auto Express, with Ring’s RTC1000 being awarded the title’s Best Buy title and the RTC450 a recommended status.

The motoring publication put the pressure on eight different products in its latest weekly test to find the best performing tyre inflators that plug into the car’s 12V socket.

The Ring RTC1000 impressed Auto Express, earning a five-star review for its huge backlit digital display, rotary auto-stop control and 3.5-metre-long power cable, which delivered 60psi inflation in just one minute, 45 seconds.

The RTC450 bagged a recommended title, finishing third of the field of eight products, receiving praise for its similar performance to the RTC1000. The RTC450 features a bright LED light so that it can be used in darker conditions and a three-piece adaptor kit for bikes and small inflatables.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “Ring is constantly developing its product lines to maximise their performance, so it’s great to receive recognition from Auto Express based on the versatility and quality of the RTC range.

“At-home tyre inflation removes the need to travel and further spend money on fuel consumption to the nearest forecourt to use the air machines. Therefore, the range of Ring inflators is a clever investment to save cash on fuel by both keeping tyres in optimum condition and making fewer trips.

“Having the correct tyre pressure saves motorists money on fuel, but also reduces the need to replace tyres. When you consider the cost of a new tyre, the £25 outlay for a home tyre inflator helps money go further,” Bisson comments.

Ring’s range of 12V tyre inflators make tyre care quick and easy. Both the RTC1000 and RTC450 feature auto-stop, which ensures that the device will stop inflating the tyre when the required pressure is met.

As the winter months approach Ring is reminding technicians and drivers to action simple checks to ensure tyres are safe to drive on. Correctly inflated tyres are also important for saving fuel, with rolling resistance of tyres accounting for as much as 15 percent of a car’s fuel consumption.

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