Sitting down with Craig Wilde of Walcom

Walcom, the reputed Spray gun manufacturer, have for generations been known as innovators in the spray gun industry. From their base in Italy, they have continued to evolve the design of their products through a process of refinement which introduces new materials to their processes, keeping them ahead of the competition. We had the opportunity to sit down with Craig Wilde, CEO of Walcom here in the UK and find out more about this fascinating company.

Tell us a little about the Walcom business offering and your target customer

WALCOM uk offers premium spray equipment to the automotive industry, we use carbon fibre as a material to make some of our equipment. Our main focus is efficiency and productivity, saving body shops time and money within their day to day operations.

What was your professional background and what made you want to start your own business?

My background has been senior management since the age of 21, working with some very respectable brands within their industries, Whitbread plc, Phones4U, Kwik fit and LKQ Corperation. WALCOM kind of landed on my lap as an amazing opportunity as the brand was looking for a new vehicle into the uk market and I snapped their hand off. This allowed

What differentiates Walcom from others in the space?

We are very eco friendly business, using composite materials and everything we do is based on the environment and improving the way we work. We are a more premium spray equipment brand and are very proud of what we achieve within the industry.

Where do you stand on technological innovation in the industry?

We actually had one of our guns win new technology of the year 2021 at the bodyshop awards and this year have our heated air system TD3 thermoday as a finalist!! Fingers crossed.

How are you navigating the current economic climate in 2022? What challenges have you faced so far?

the climate for us at the moment being a new company and a desired brand is excellent, we grow month to month and have built a network of top level distributors. Challenges have been more about keeping on top of orders and service.

What is the buying process for potential customers? Can they come to you direct?

we have a website where anyone can purchase, then a great distributor network covering the uk, We will always point the customers towards the distributors, we
wanted to be accessible for everyone but not to flood the market.

Is there a level of support offered after they buy from you?

Training, servicing, warranty etc. – we have a 1 year warranty on every product, we can offer servicing, training is done part of our demonstration van which is on the road Monday to Friday. We have a 100%
customer care satisfaction policy!! Hence why we give a free service kit with every gun.

Will Walcom be attending any upcoming trade-shows?

We have the EXPO at the bodyshop awards on 12th Oct, IPS in Swansea 19th Oct, Vizion network in march, we are always open for trade shows.

Can you give any advice to bodyshops who may be interested in investing in new spray guns? Is there anything in particular that they should they look out for?

We demo and show them the reasons why they would like our equipment, we have a 28 day set up swap option, which no one else offers and a free service kit! That’s looking after the consumer and not charging them more momey once they have just laid out for the gun.

Thanks to Craig for taking the time to talk to us and a reminder to our readers that you can find out more about Walcom products on their website here:, and get in touch with your questions about their product offering here

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