TRICO warns of UV damage to blades

As the warm weather looks like it’s here to stay, TRICO is warning of the damage UV rays can do to wiper blades, which will present sales opportunities to factors and workshops.

Ultraviolet light from the sun causes damage, particularly to the rubber wiper element of the blade, especially if the car sits in the full sun for the majority of the day. The intense light, combined with its heat can impact the rubber, making it crack, which will lead to smearing on the windscreen when the wiper is in use.

This makes for the ideal upselling opportunity for technicians and factors when summer arrives, as this may be a common problem for drivers.

There are typical signs that wiper blades need to be replaced that TRICO is recommending factors and technicians look out for:

Streaking – when the blade doesn’t completely clear the windscreen, leaving streaks of water or debris
Chattering – when the blade doesn’t move smoothly across the windscreen
Smearing – when the debris or water is smeared across the windscreen, but not removed

Senior Marketing Specialist, Jose Casao, said: “As the sun comes out for greater periods of time, we’re trying to raise awareness of what this hotter weather can do to wiper blades, as it’s not something factors and workshops generally fully capitalise on. Many think of selling wiper blades primarily in the winter, but summer can impact blades too, and they remain important components year round.

“Usually, wiper blades are a distress purchase and sales can be restricted to winter when it rains more, however, just because they’re not being used as regularly doesn’t mean that their upkeep is any less important. In fact, removing dirt, debris and traffic bugs and keeping the windshield clean is particularly important in summer to reduce screen glare when the sun hits the windshield directly.

“For drivers, being able to see clearly is vital and wipers are therefore crucial, and, as in the UK, wet weather is not confined to a particular time of the year, they need to ensure that their blades are kept in optimum condition at all times, so they can be relied on when they are needed. In order for them to do so, we issue general maintenance advice and naturally provide the premium quality blades they need for maximum safety.”

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