IMDA’s “Maximising Dealer Revenue Workshop” a big hit

The IMDA kicked off their “Maximising Dealer Revenue Workshop” events this month, the first they have hosted post covid.

First at Windsor Park in Belfast on the 4th October, before heading to Mcdiarmid Park in Perth on the 6th with the 3rd and final masterclass taking place with a sold out event at Derby Cricket Ground on the 9th of November.

AutoScene were in attendance in Perth to see just what the Masterclass had to offer.

The event was hosted by Sentience Automotives Ali May-Khalil who began by discussing the current state of the automotive trade, the challenges dealers are facing and what they need to do to overcome them.

Ali then went into detail about the recent changes within the industry particularly focusing on the big shift to online selling and how dealers must equip themselves with the tools and knowhow to compete in this market.

Drawing parallels between car dealerships and other hugely successful non-automotive businesses, Ali then went on to discuss the importance of generating revenue through value added products, such as finance, insurance products and paint protection.

Many motor dealers will offer these products and understand that there is profit to be made in selling them, however it was the delivery and specific techniques of selling these selling these products which really seemed to hit home with the audience.

The conference room was packed with dealers from all over the country including Sales Manager Graeme Glancy from Gibbs Vehicle Sales in Dunfermline. This was their first IMDA event after joining the organisation 3 months ago. When asked why they joined the IMDA Graeme told us “we felt that we were lacking a voice and the information that we needed. We came across the IMDA and realised that it was free to join so we signed up and got some really good info straight away”. Graeme then went on to tell us why they came to the event and what they had gained from it. “We wanted to measure ourselves against the benchmark and listen to what the best practice is. It has been brilliant to help us set up for the future which we all know is going to be much harder”

After a fantastic lunch put on by the football club we caught up with Gareth Angove Head of membership services at the IMDA. “The Scottish crowd has been brilliant as was Northern Ireland yesterday. We had a full house in Belfast and we have another full house today with everyone taking a great deal from it.” These are the first events that they have organised post pandemic with much more planned for the future. “Watch this space, we have a few ideas which we will put out to our members in early January” When asked about the reaction to the event so far. “It’s been really positive so far and Ali and the team at Sentience [Automotive] have had great interactions with members.”

Find out more information on how to join the IMDA and receive information on upcoming events in our recent post here.

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