42% of drivers look to go electric next time

42% of car owners said in a recent survey that increasing fuel costs mean that they are likely to opt for an EV when they next buy a car.

The research was performed by used car buying service ChooseMyCar.com, and 2,000 motorists were asked what factors were likely to influence their buying decisions. Looking at the gender split, 46% of males said that next car would absolutely be an EV, while only 38% of females said the same thing.

66% of drivers aged 18-34 were on board with EVs next time, while for those aged 35-54 it was 49%. For Over 55s, it was just 20% who would be buying and EV.

60% of London taxi drivers questioned said an EV would be their next vehicle purchase, followed by Brighton’s cabbies on 48%, Edinburg’s with 44%, and Birmingham’s and Liverpool’s with 43%

The denizens of Bristol and Plymouth were least likely to buy an EV next, with just 15% saying they would buy electric next.

Commenting on the findings, ChooseMyCar.com founder Nick Zapolski, said: “We have been doing a lot of research on how UK drivers have been affected by recent events, and the younger age group appears to have been the one that has found it hardest to manage the spiralling prices.”

Nick added: “While EVs are obviously a good choice for many, with the starting price still being close to five figures, many will struggle to afford a new EV and the second-hand market is still very limited. It seems very unfair that the very people that need EVs the most, and who have the strongest desire for one, might be priced out of the market for one.”

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