Battery Diagnostic tools for used EV sales

The increasing demand from used car buyers for electric cars with an independent certificate of the condition of the traction battery reflects the change in consumer priorities.

According to a recent DAT study, a battery certificate is just as important or even more important than the mileage for an impressive 73% of potential buyers.

To meet this need and further promote the used electric car market, AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has developed a special feature for business customers that enables VIN-based, fully automated integration of battery certificates into online platforms. The FLASH Report PREVIEW was created specifically for optimal display as an additional image in online ads.

The advantages of this feature are many:
– Comprehensive information at a glance: The FLASH Report PREVIEW gives prospective buyers all the relevant details at a glance, with further explanations available via the integrated QR code.
– Acceleration of the sales process: The report minimizes the risk for the buyer and accelerates the sales process.
– Increase in sales revenue: The FLASH Report PREVIEW offers clear added value that can have a positive impact on sales revenue.
– Positioning as an expert for electric cars: By using AVILOO technology, the vehicle dealer positions itself as the market leader and expert for electric vehicles.

This innovative feature is already activated and users automatically receive free Report PREVIEWS with every AVILOO FLASH Test Report.

“The renowned British Green Finance Institute proposes the introduction of independent battery certificates as a top measure to promote electromobility in order to strengthen consumer confidence in used electric vehicles. An independent battery certificate, which is desired by many used car buyers, would lead to a gradual equalization of the value of electric vehicles and combustion engines,” says Dr.
Marcus Berger, CEO of AVILOO.

A practical example of the efficient use of independent battery tests is the cooperation between AVILOO, Hyundai and Together they rely on the effective AVILOO FLASH Test Report to emphasize the qualities of their used electric cars.

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