Motorway reveals UK cities leading the EV charge

London, Nottingham and Bedford revealed as the top UK cities and towns leading the charge towards an EV future.

Used-car marketplace Motorway has today announced the top 10 EV cities in the UK, with London and Nottingham coming out on top. It comes as EV sales continue to rise in the UK, with reports used EV sales grew 44.1% in Q3 2022*.

The UK capital has been named as the city leading the charge on electric vehicle adoption, with EVs representing almost 25% of new and used car sales. It also paves the way with 8,600 public charging points. However, when it comes to charging availability, London ranks at 15, with the ratio of chargers to people standing at 1 to 1,672. Nottingham ranks second on the index, which was compiled by reviewing EV sales data by region, charging point availability and clean air policies of cities and towns across the UK.

With the 2030 electric switchover fast approaching, motorists are making a conscious effort with their car choices. Bedford ranked third for electric-vehicle readiness, following the development of its extensive net-zero strategy and its focus on installing public charging points. Meanwhile, Newcastle upon Tyne has been named as an electric vehicle hotspot with more electric cars sold in 2022 than anywhere else in the UK.

The top 10 electric car cities and towns revealed by Motorway:
Newcastle upon Tyne
Milton Keynes

As well as the climate-conscious benefits, there are several economic advantages to electric vehicles that Brits are capitalising on. Not only do they positively impact the environment, but lower running costs are likely one of the top draws to purchasing this fuel type, as motorists can save up to £650 on fuel and road tax** a year, compared to petrol and diesel cars. Electric vehicles can cost 40% less to run, over their lifetime, than a traditional car, even though they’re normally more expensive to purchase upfront.

Alex Buttle, Co-Founder of online used-car marketplace Motorway said: “While sales of EVs are on the rise across the UK, some towns and cities are streets ahead of others. We’ve created this comprehensive index to help dealers understand which areas and cities are truly leading the charge when it comes to EV-friendliness and therefore likely to see strong EV sales in 2023. As more UK areas continue to invest in charging point infrastructure, we will see an even greater number of motorists making the switch, as well as dealers stocking up on quality used EVs to meet this demand.”

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