New report from epyx aims to help garages maximise EV business

servicing an electric vehicle

A new report from epyx is designed to help garages maximise the amount of electric vehicle (EV) service, maintenance and repair (SMR) business they win.

The Electric Vehicle Network Performance and Opportunities Report (EV NPOR) is compiled specifically for each subscribing business, providing both extensive national data and benchmarking against local garages potentially competing for similar business.

National information covers transactional EV SMR spend and job count across the top 10 leasing fleets; how much time vehicles are spending off the road compared to internal combustion engine, hybrid and EV equivalents; a three year view of SMR transactions by fuel type; percentage of transactions by franchise, independent and fast-fit; rate of EV adoption by fleets; and the evolution of EV spending across the largest leasing vehicle companies.

Local insights include the number of sites that have carried out EV SMR by distance from each business’s post code; invoice spend from distance of post code; average response time by vehicle type; vehicle off-road time by fuel type; and current customer satisfaction rating.

The report is based on the transactions that each garage undertakes through epyx’s 1link Service Network platform, used by major fleets to manage the SMR of more than four million cars, vans and trucks through franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fits.

Charlie Brooks, growth director at epyx, said: “The new EV NPOR report builds on the success of our existing NPOR product, which was launched three years ago and now has around 1,700 subscriber garages, both franchise and independent.

“NPOR highlights areas for these businesses such as where job leakage to other SMR providers is occurring and on which types of work, as well as where missed opportunities for jobs are happening. It also helps them benchmark their performance against recent years.

“EV NPOR builds on this by providing a range of high quality information about electric vehicle SMR. This is clearly an area where there is a dearth of data currently available to garages and we are able to help them build a picture of how they compare to other SMR providers locally, as well as learning more about the SMR activity of major national EV fleets.

“A service manager can look at this individualised information and very quickly work out areas where they can make changes in 1link Service Network that will have an immediate and beneficial effect on their business by increasing their relative competitiveness.

“While EV SMR is a relatively small part of the market at the moment, it is clearly set to grow very quickly, and our report is perhaps unique in the insights it delivers.”

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